Remember Motherhood

Some days are up and some are down and sometimes it's just moments.  But motherhood is always there.  I was going through these photos I took yesterday of the little man.  I edited them last night hoping they would lighten my heavy heart a bit, but had no such luck.  

Then, he cuddled me this morning.  Said 'momma - read, book - please?'.  After reading it twice I offered to him to take it to 'dadda, maybe he will read it to you, so momma can go to work'.  He said 'no, dadda.  Momma, read, book - please?'.  My heart soared.  Thank you little man - you have no idea how much momma needed you to remind her how lucky she is to have you.

And how much joy I have found in motherhood.

Soren was busting some really sweet dance moves yesterday.  I found this post from a momma.  Her words and pictures could not have been better timed.  Enjoy.