Fearless 2013

"The thing I like most about time; it's not real, it's all in my head or all in the head....there's no such thing as the past, it exists only in the memory.  There is no such thing as the future, it exists only in our imagination.  If our watches were truly accurate - the only thing they would say is - now."
Inspiration 2.jpg

This is a quote from a letter written by Damien Echols to Eddie Vedder.  Damien Echols was one of the three falsely accused of the West Memphis murders in Arkansas in 1993.  The focus of this post is not about this tragedy, or the time lost in prison of the three accused (convicted in 1994, just released in 2012).  This blog is about being inspired.

I had an incredible moment today.  Not just because I was in the middle of receiving the most transcending A shiatsu massage (at this location...go!), but by what my masseuse had to say.  We were talking about fears in a conversation about birth and how fear in the birthing process interferes with nature.  But she continued the theme through the rest of the massage.  We spoke about marriage and partnerships.  Even moving forward in life.  She said, '...it's fear that inhibits us.  Keeps time still - prevents us from moving through life.'  So true, so profound.  

Fear keeps us from living in the now, by impeding our imagination with fears of the future and retaining memories of fear from the past.  Like Echols said - time, if there is such a thing - is about 'now'.  The picture above are some of my first tools to becoming an RN.  My brother, a Paramedic (just recently!! He is yet another inspiring energy in my life) - gave these to me for Christmas.  I so look forward to learning to use these (I can test blood pressure and Soren let's me listen to his heart!).  Like any profession, it will have it's ups and downs - but right now, NOW - this is where I need to be.  Where my life needs to move - without fear.

I had the pleasure of seeing a friend today.  Quite possibly one of the most amazing women I will ever come to know.  She is a pillar of strength and feels everything.  She is sweet and kind - but so strong.  I look up to her.  

These words...these people with their stories and energies are inspiring.  I am at peace with the life I have had as an audio engineer, I love the world that has opened up to me as a mother and partner and will continue to dream about our lives ahead.  But I think I will enjoy this 'now' a bit more than I did yesterday and even more tomorrow.  Cheers, Fearless 2013.