What Moms Say

I have always admired mothers - how they adore their children, have wrinkles of wisdom (no matter how old you are, you end up with a few once you reach toddler-hood!), and they say the most incredible things.  But now that I myself am a mother, these words, their facial expressions and smiles hit me harder than they ever did before.

For instance:

1. New mother - pregnant with her first, little girl texts me 'So, I spent most of the class watching my belly bulge and wiggle because baby girl was mad at me for not eating before I went.  I'm amazed that I can see my belly move, she's no little alien anymore'.  Whenever I hang out with this mom, I always catch her looking down at her belly in admiration.  It makes my heart sing every time.  I know that feeling, that deep love for someone I hadn't even met yet.  I see such a proud, loving mom in her.

2. A mother blogger I follow wrote 'They make my heart swell up just looking at them. This is my family. I really can’t get over that we have 2 beautiful children. How did I get so lucky?'  I love reading this blog, I highly recommend it Jen Loves Kev.  This is a mom so in love with her family and her smile in these photos... leaves me speechless.

3. An absolutely wonderful, unconditionally loving mother I have had the pleasure of being best friends with for more than a decade wrote me this in an email recently '[my Son] is all my joy wrapped up into one little package. I cannot get enough of him.'  This flat out made me melt.  I started tearing up as I read this line.  It might be my favorite.  I love this woman - she is a pillar of strength and courage and so loving.  I wouldn't expect anything but this line from her.  She nailed it - this is motherhood.

4. Last but not least, this blogging momma and participant of 52 portraits. From her site Normal is a Setting on a Dryer, writes 'Sometimes, my child is so cute that it kind of hurts.  Or maybe that’s the boundless love of mother for child…'  Spot on!  I know this mom personally and this line suits her to a 't'.  

I love all these mommas and feel incredibly grateful that I have some as friends and others as authors to read.  They are wonderful and I appreciate their words... more than they will ever know.