It's that time for New Year's Resolutions!!  For years, I have defiantly not made resolutions because I always thought they were cheesy - or terribly romantic.  Now that I am a mother and realize just how fast life is moving, I think it's time to pick up on a yearly favorite.  Here are few of mine:

1.  Be more patient.  I have seen this one flying around quite a bit on the blog-o-sphere.  But really - I need to learn to be more patient.  I have always been about the moment, instant gratification.  It's time for me to relax, plan and allow things to happen in a timely fashion.  That leaves me more time for my family.

2.  Work on a hobby.  Mine is photography.  I want to learn more about using my new camera and some more fun tricks to use in Elements.  I have had a blast so far - but I have much, much more to learn.

3.  Get back to school.  I start my Doula certification in February and should be starting school at Cincinnati State in their Nursing program.  Here's to a long journey back at school while balancing work and my family.

4.  Yoga.  I have gotten a little better about this since my fight with stress and skin reactions.  But I really need to get back into the habit.  Soren has been joining in too - which is even more incentive to get moving and flowing.

So there are four.  What are some of your resolutions for the upcoming year?