feeling crafty.... (it's just my type)

(I know… bad Beastie Boys reference, but it was necessary)

This long weekend was much needed.  We spent most of it together as a family - which was absolutely priceless.  I always love watching the dudes together - they are quite the adorable team.  We also spent some time with Rick's family.  Seeing Soren run around with his cousins was a treat.  The three of them were a blast.  Zoë, Rick's niece closest to Soren's age was an absolute doll.  Precious moment exhibit A : 

Soren was looking disgruntled, but not quite tantrum quality frown.  She walks up to him, crooks her head down to face him eye to eye, and asks him, 'Soren? you ok Soren?'.  He proceeded to say something in toddler gab, she looked a bit confused but kind of understood.  They then proceeded to jump up and down on this HUGE play pad Papaw brought up from the basement - laughing and screaming.  So cute!  

And, personally - I set out the task of working a bit on the 'me'.  I haven't sewed or knitted since, well - Soren was born and it was about time to get back to it!  I dusted off the sewing machine (literally…), started a knitting project, made a couple stuffed turtles to work on my sewing chops (much needed work indeed…) and even put a HUGE dent in a wonderful book.  All in a weekend.  Felt good to dig back into the crafty nook in my noggin.


…and of course - Soren and I took PLENTY of photos...