Smell of Fall

I love Fall!  What about you?!  

I have always loved fall, BUT more now than ever.  The smell reminds me of fresh starts (since my annual schedule has always begun in late August, early September), cozy sweaters, scarves, bonfires, and apple cider.  And now - the smell reminds me of carrying our little boy.  The pregnancy was a remarkable time in my life, little did I know that motherhood wound be that much better.  The smell reminds me of my first consistent contractions on a Sunday, pre-labor symptoms on Monday and a Tuesday mic hang and May Festival choir set up followed by my water breaking.  Labor for about three days and then we were ready.  I worked through it all (with a LOT of Rick's help!) - walked around and kept moving which was a good thing since Soren was ALL back labor that landed me on all fours in the hospital bed.  Rick coached an amazing natural birth and my Mom got there just in time to snap shots and give me an extra push to get through transition.

The smell of Fall reminds me of well,  smelling Soren for the first time and looking into his brand new eyes, finally understanding what living is really about.  It's precious and quick, warm and complicated, and perfect. 

LIke this brand new babe, November 17, 2010 -

and this perfect team -

his perfect scoots outside -

perfect steps before his first birthday - 

To riding tractors -

But more than anything, these guys - these guys, are perfect...