I am now an SS user, at least I think that's the lingo I should be using.  I used the trial for about 5 days, roughed it through customizing my blog template, redirecting my domain - the whole kit and caboodle.  I was really hesitant to do the switch though.  Honestly - but after some really stellar 24/7 customer support and finally taking a look at the finished project, well - I couldn't say no.  

I am now linked to all my social networks, including vimeo and dropbox.  I am excited to see where blogging will take me now!  For all those other bloggers out there - the cost is worth not having the headache of 'how am I going to import that into my blog?' or 'how come my code isn't working' or even 'who can I ask to fix this?!?'.  It's all right there.  

I dig my new digs - what do you think?