On to the toddler phase with a leap. Literally. We made our first doc visit for a goose-egg: on the dome. Now, I know this is typical first parenthood dilemma, but come on, it was a decent tumble AND it was outside on concrete.

So here goes the story: it is short and brief, at least I will try to keep it that way, since my head didn't stop spinning disastrous scenarios for the REST of the day.

So: Soren and I were going to make a trip to Whole Foods to pick up some much needed kitchen goods - beans, veggies and particularly laundry detergent for someone's stinky dipes ;). Anyway, when leaving I thought, heck - why not let the pup out too?!, not a bad idea since I am pretty sure she had been holding her bladder for at least a good 3 hours, begging to be let outside (sorry August...).

Anyway, so we get outside, just fine with Soren, diaper bag, Soren with a Peter Rabbit snack pouch in hand and the pup already out doing her thing. As Soren and I have been working on going DOWN stairs (up is a cinch at this point...), he wanted to do it himself. Ok, Mr Independent - so I make sure he gets in the right crawl position and everything, get the pup inside first and shut the door, lock it and get down beside him to help. He needed just an extra scoot to get the first step - and genius! he makes it!- and then pushes me away to do the next. I go to grab my keys, RIGHT in front of me mind you - and turn just in time, right next to him, to see him stumble on the last step. He lands on his bottom but the rules of inertia couldn't leave it there. He then proceeds to bonk his head on the concrete.

My heart immediately sank into my stomach - he lets out a huge wail (no tears mind you - through the WHOLE thing!) and I run inside holding him as tightly as I can, looking him over for all of the key signs of head trauma that I have read in the AAP parenting book! I don't see any blood, not even a bruise yet. So I grabbed the ice pack and placed it on his head where I assumed it hit. Within less

than a minute he is done yelling and asks me for his snack pouch back, then pushes me away to go play. And he does this with such grace, as if NOTHING EVER happened! I'm appalled!

So, of course, still tragically paranoid - I look all over his body for bruises and such and find a good size goose-egg on the back of his head... And... I call the doctor, grab an appointment and drive on up. Soren isn't showing a single sign of trauma - he is laughing, playing and making strong attempts to hit his head AGAIN! That's a boy for you, I'm told!

Doc says he looks great - text book goose-egg, which is where I learned the term. I got a 'get out of jail free' card from the Doc as he chuckles. He is happy that I

am so paranoid and he could deliver good news, then reassures me that that is what he is there for: parental peace of mind.

So my first good 'donk' on the dome. Won't happen again like that - I can assure you! But not to be my last heartbreaking injury from what I am told - boo.... Guess I have to let him grow wings eventually, for now - under very, VERY strict supervision ;)