Maybe it's the holidays or just that Soren is getting old enough to recall (I don't say remember...I don't think memory really begins until about 3 or 4ish... right?) .  But none the less, I have been reading about traditions.  Other peoples, cultures - even my families.  I think it might be time to start some of our own.  Like:

1. Soren's new ornament every year - that he picks out.  This year - he chose and adorable fabric owl for the tree.  He picks him out every morning and carries him around the apartment.  This lead me to another.

2.  The Big Tree Plantation visit.  Every year - we visit this spot to pick out the perfect tree for our family.  We had such a blast this year, how couldn't we go back???

3.  Reign in the New Year.  New Year's Eve is the only holiday evening my family will have together this year.  Why not make a tradition out of it?  Let's reign it in together with great food and confetti!  

4.  Ceremonial Holiday Wrap-Up.  We will take our Holiday decor down the next day in celebration of the New Year which is bound to be full of great New Memories!  When Soren is old enough, we will write down our New Year's hopes and dreams and store them away to read every New Year.

5.  Reed & Barton.  This is our first, given to us by my Grandparents: Gigi and Gipa.  These are classic Snow Globes and I think our family should pick one out every few years.  They are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes - Soren really seems interested in the one we have now.  Might have something to do with the Choo Choo...

These are just a few ideas.  We will see if any of them stick.  Cheers - to the New Year!