Book Worm

We have been working on some sleeping schedules with Soren lately - and since he is a healthy, energetic little guy sleeping isn't high on his agenda.  Nope! Playing trucks, pulling wagons, collecting sticks and climbing - those things are on his agenda.  Which means... when our wee one is attempting to snooze, the apartment has to be quiet.  No doing dishes, sweeping floors or even starting laundry.  Which, as it turns out - is a great thing for momma.  I am back to the books and I have recently put away four great titles in no time flat.

First, Kerry Reichs What You Wish For.  Kerry Reichs is the daughter of Kathy Reichs, the creator of the Bones sitcom series (originally a forensic fictional book series...).  Kerry isn't a far stretch from her intelligent and snarky mother.  The book circles around people leading very seperate lives and in very different circumstances trying to start a family.  A beautiful read.  Another beautiful read, which I thought for certain would bore me in the first 50 pages - The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Murphy.  This is Patricia's first work of fiction and is wonderfully researched and artfully written.  Since our pregnancy and birth, I have been a gluten for birth stories.  This book is full of them!  But takes place in the 1920s after the depression and Patricia did a wonderful job describing the political and social situation at the time.  I won't give anymore away - it's an amazing read.

Then come Aldous and Hermann.  These two lie back to back beautifully - literally.  The dark, humanitarian and scientific Brave New World paves the way for the artfully written Siddhartha.  I totally recommend these two together and with a toddler and all the life changing events my family has had in the past 3 years - these thoughtful reads were welcomed.  

Crack a spine and take an adventure.  Enjoy!