Holla 2012!!

I am so ready for this New Year - and in the best way ever. 2011 has been such a cool year. Really - cool. It's the best way to put it. Watching Soren grow into the running bambino that he is, has been, well - breathtaking. A year ago today, that lil' munchkin needed help holding his head up and TODAY he ran circles around me - literally, giggling, smiling and drooling - prepping for a ninth tooth.

So parenthood has been amazing - clearly. It is quite possibly the greatest, life changing thing to ever happen to me! But then there is my amazing partner in crime. Rick has been absolutely, I don't know - there really are no words; the BEST partner I could have ever asked for. He was tolerant during pregnancy hormone changes, a supportive coach through natural labor and delivery and has been the most loving father I could have ever wanted for my son. And all I can say is thank you -

Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes every time you snuggle your son and look at him with such endearing eyes. Thank you for sticking by me when I was irrational and well - CRAZY during the pregnancy. Thank you for coaching me through not only labor and delivery but through postpartum as well. Thank you for supporting my views on Soren's nutrition - through nursing (still going strong!) and making his baby food. Thank you for getting me. Getting me more than anyone ever has.

And so - on to 2012, with this truly AWESOME family. I love them, I love us, I love moving into a New Year united with fantastic people.