...and I swore to myself I would NOT be that person - you know, the one that you ask, "how old is your son?" and they answer, "ohhh....about 26 months..." and then you are stuck there trying to do the math, looking silly when you finally realize they could of easily said, "he turned two a couple months ago" or plain and simply - "two.".

Well, anyway, now I find myself answering 14 months. I promised I would stop with the months after a year, but every time I answered, "he's about a year old." I get these surprised glances like, wow! that child is big, or he's already running around? - so now I specify. I finally came to terms that he is really growing that fast, so fast per month that it is absolutely worth recognizing his gi-normous growing leaps and bounds every month.

Which brings me to my blog today. 14 months - wow... I mean really, wow. Soren started climbing, like - ladder climbing last night up onto an adult chair. Just about gave Rick and I both a heart attack - but when he made it up all on his

own, we giggled and praised his hard work. Then we both shot each other the glance. You know? the glance saying in unison, "remember this time last year - we were rejoicing when he held his head up on his own...". Then and time and time again (it never gets old) - I saw the happiest, proud, Poppa-tear well up in Rick's eye. It really goes this quickly. Luckily though - I still get to do things like rock Soren to sleep or cuddle with him when he gets worn out, and trust me, I will be holding on to these things as long as I can, because it won't be long before he is 'too big, and too old' (as he will confidently declare!) for me to rock my baby (because he always will be to me) to sleep.

Thinking back, I can't even begin to explain just how afraid and tentative I was about having a baby the day we found out. I remember thinking what an awful parent I was going to be, or how 'it' was going to fit into my life...but the first

wiggle in my belly, or the first ultrasound, or the look of absolute joy when I told Rick he was going to be a father washed the worry away and I realized, it isn't any longer about me. I had 25 wonderfully selfish years - to work, go to school, party and now, NOW I have started a new life - one for my son. A life I get to watch explore, mature, discover and develop through wiser eyes. It is an absolute joy to watch him grow. I truly don't know where my life would be at this moment had he not been a part of it, but I can honestly say, the these 14 months have taught me more about myself, life and what living is all about - and I LOVE it!

1 month - starting to support your head...

2 months - almost fully supported head (for short periods of time) and about to roll over

3 months - exploring mobility, rolling over belly laughing ALL the time! Love, LOVE tummy time!

4 months - rolling all over the place, swimming on your belly and talk, talk, talking.

5 months - the smiles NEVER stop and you are army crawling backward! And did someone say solids? Yeah for Bananas!

6 months - sliding all over the place and love, LOVE going to the pool - my lil' guppy .

7 months - so big! pulling yourself up and walking along your quad crawling!

8 months - still afraid to let go and take off - but holding on with one hand and standing.

9 months - still cruising with help - but less everyday. You are however quite the speed crawler!

10 months - Grandma comes in town and temps you with your peek-a-who book and you take off, leaving mom with laughing tears! I can't believe it!

11 months - and off he goes!!! still getting the hang of those legs, but you are now becoming quite the skilled walker and eating just about everything in sight. What an appetite!

12 months - so now we start the climbing and running. You don't hold still!! I have to chase you down to eat!

13 months - 8 teeth later and you eat everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Kale, butternut squash, chickpeas, tomatoes, spinach - and you LOVE it all! oh! and let's not forget - you now walk backwards and when the music's on you DANCE<DANCE<DANCE!

14 months - here we are - I am ma-ma and Rick is da-da. Your signing please, more, bye-bye, all done, diaper change and almost hungry. You are trying to sound out words, mimic and climb. One of my favorites - you read yourself books and then you read them to me. You have gone from almost rolling over to climbing in my lap after picking a book out and reading to me! In one year!

Thank you Soren, for showing me what living is truly about. What those 25 years were for before you were born and what the rest of my life is bound to be filled with - tears, laughter, worry, pride and pure joy. This year's time has taught me to waste not, want little and enjoy every moment.