Not the kind you fill or the that stink.  Pit Bulls.  Rick and I just recently watched a documentary covering recent (last 10 years...if you can believe it!) legislation outlawing Pit Bull breeds.  This includes any dog hold at least 5 physical characteristics of a Pit Bull.  It has nothing to do with temperament testing or updated vaccinations.  Just looks.  Seriously.

Talk about discrimination, right?  We have a little pitty... though, she isn't really so little - unless you consider 55 pounds of pure muscle small.  Either way - we love her.  She is my little girl and was the first to teach me what it meant to be responsible for someone else.  August is like any other dog - loving, excited, sleeps what seems to be 50% of the day and even territorial.  She growls at the mail man (when she's inside - she runs up to him and licks him when we are outside, he always has treats...), barks at other dogs as they walk by the front window, wags her tail and jumps when we get home - you get the idea.  

I won't fib, her relationship with Soren has NOT always been stellar.  She was the center of our world before we brought him home and she had A LOT of adjusting to do.  She still gets jealous and sometimes wishes not to be bothered by the toddler.  We haven't had any major instances, but like most dogs - sometimes they just want to be left alone.  She does cuddle with him, give him kisses, play tug-o'-war and fetches.  But she has her moments when she gives him a little growl to leave her alone or a quick nudge with her snout.  The only injury we have really had is in play from a nail that was a bit to long (mom's fault), or simply - in typical Pit Bull fashion, she clumsily knocks him over.  And yes, he often tries to ride her.

So, I have to say - in our experience, she has been pretty wonderful.  We have our moments where we get frustrated with her - but we have the same with Soren.  Unfortunately, he doesn't 'sitz', 'platz', or 'fuss' on command (she's k9 trained...).

I write this post in defense.  They are a dog.  No, their jaws don't lock - they aren't even the strongest of the breeds.  The jaw of a German Shepard is capable of 450-750 pounds where a Pit Bulls is 200-300 pounds.  I bet that gives you some new perspective.  The Pit Bull was also originally bred for working, not fighting.  They are notoriously obedient and typically react ONLY in self defense.  We see that in our own.  She is incredibly affectionate.  Even when she wants to be left alone, 80% of the time she will opt for licking you away.  

We love our little girl and think she is pretty awesome.  We will never understate that she is a dog and an animal and should be trusted as such... but she is also part of this family.

For more information check out this documentary on Pit Bull legislation.  Cincinnati is home free as of last year!  Go Cincy!  I can wear my Pit Bull flag proudly now.

And this blog was my inspiration for the day.  Most dog pounds are loaded with this breed and they need good homes - this photographer made my day.

lil Pitty Tuesday

While changing over to the Squarespace format I notice my blog was missing something very important - more about our little loving pitbull, August.

August has been a part of my life for 5 years now and has been a loyal and loving companion.  Dogs are truly, mans (or woman's…) best friend.  I never knew just how unconditional she was until we had Soren.  Poor thing was the center of mine and Rick's world b.c. (before child) and now she has to share our attention with the wee man.  It's been tough for her, but she is managing.  Now that Soren is old enough to play with her - the two get along better than ever.  

She's never been aggressive or outwardly mean to him, but you can see the abandonment and sadness on her face when our attention waivers or he steals her ball.  I feel awful about every time we may have overlooked our sweet girl.  Cheers to you pup, for being so patient and kind through it all.  I dedicate my Tuesday blog posts to our loving pit bull.  You are the best anyone could ask for.  Love, love!