"Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through Birth." — Marcie Macari

What is a Doula?

A Doula is professional labor support dedicated to helping create a safe and satisfying birth experience.  As a Doula, the support I provide is broad and nurturing.  I have been trained in the physiology and psychology of birth.  The birthing experience is a beautifully natural one and should not be feared or approached with anxiety.  My services include an education of birth, ranging from pregnancy to postpartum and, most importantly - offer options and techniques during birth.  I believe in empowering both mother and partner to have a strong voice to achieve their desired birthing experience, paving the way into parenthood.

During Pregnancy:

I offer prenatal visits in which we will discuss how the pregnancy is progressing and what is involved during birth.  These are great opportunities to ask questions and bring up concerns about care providers, techniques or even health.  As a Doula, I am committed to subsiding fears and anxieties about birth.  I believe that clear minds and hearts aid and empower the birthing process.  The prenatal visits are designed for open conversation to ensure all questions and concerns are answered.  Through these visits, we will create a birth plan and work on different birthing positions and relaxations techniques.

During Labor:

I am on call 24/7 at 38 weeks (full term).  I am committed to 24 hours labor assistance (this also includes both planned and emergency cesareans.  Mothers should have ample support available during any type of delivery).  During the birth I will be sure to follow the birth plan accordingly.  I am an advocate for your birthing experience and will be sure that medical professionals communicate with you and your partner so all decisions made are YOUR decisions.  I believe in the birthing process and in the body.  Women’s bodies are a miraculous design and the birth should center around mother and baby.  I do also believe in the sciences and the great life saving procedures medicine has created.  I encourage mother through education and open discussion to make their own decisions about the birth experience they prefer.  I respect and support my clients' birth choices.


Support systems during postpartum are crucial.  The postpartum period is undermined in modern day society and mothers are left exhausted and abandoned.  I provide two postpartum visits in addition to follow up phone calls.  I am available 24/7 on the phone for breastfeeding and postpartum questions.  This is a difficult time and we expect mothers to rebound quicker than ever before.  I am here to support mom, baby(ies) and partner with resources and aid in the postpartum healing process to ensure a successful bonding period for the family.

What a Doula is NOT:

As a Doula I DO NOT provide clinical assessments such as blood pressure, fetal monitoring or pelvic exams.  I am available for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum education and support.  

  • I am NOT a primary caregiver.
  • I am NOT a partner, I am an advocate for you.
  • I am NOT a nurse.
  • I am NOT a family member.

I do NOT make medical decisions for you or baby.  I am here to ensure you are given all the medical information you need to be sure you make informed, empowering decisions about your birth before and during your baby’s birthday.

Service Fees Include:

Package ($500)

  • 2 In-home prenatal visits
  • Client Information Workbook/Resources
  • Birth Plan Assistance
  • Telephone support 9am-9pm during pregnancy (24/7 at term)
  • 24 hrs labor support - includes 1 hr postnatal
  • Suggestions for comfort measures
  • Support for birth partner
  • 2 Postpartum visits including telephone follow ups
  • Back-up Doula support
  • On-call status 38-42 weeks

Additional Services:

  • Labor Support over 24 hrs is billed at $25/hour
  • In-home visits - $50/visit (minimum 1 hr)
  • Labor/Delivery Photography - $100 (includes simple editing and a catalog DVD of photos)


  • Cash or check made payable to your Doula.  Credit Card payments can be made online through PayPal.

For more information and questions - contact me here.